ddtm#1 – The REC

The REC, founded in 2009 as the Roundhouse Experimental Choir, has since then evolved through the participation of different members and partnership with a series of renowned artists. Today it counts a total of 19 performers, whose musical expertise includes opera, beat-boxing and instrumental and electronic work. The character of their work is very experimental, since most pieces are the result of a creative process mainly grounded on improvisation.

THE REC have already performed at various venues  including; Shunt, Tate, The Roundhouse, Union Chapel and The Royal Festival Hall; events such as the International Youth Arts Festival, Latitude and Turning Point Festival and appearances on Channel 4’s Random Acts and  BBC Radio 3’s The Verb. They have also worked with an impressive array of collaborators including The London Contemporary Orchestra, Ghostpoet, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Shlomo, Ana Silvera and The Magnets.

On the 14th of December 2014, on the occasion of dontdrinkthemilk#1, The REC will be involved in a collaboration with artists Zachary Eastwood-Bloom and Will J. Robinson, performing Gabriel Fauré’s Madrigal and another improvised composition. In response to their melody, a succession of platonic solids, devised by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom, will manifest as a projection in the space, by means of a computer program developed by Will J. Robinson. On Thursday the 27th of November 2014, during a rehearsal, we asked Helen Davison (The REC’s Co-Director) a few questions regarding the structure of the choir and the nature of their practice, as well as their definition of performativity.


Image courtesy of James Harris


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